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photo courtesy Monica Silva 2018


Mobile: +39 335 6816777

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Luca Venturi, based in Siena (Italy), has been awarded and recognized in some of the major international photography awards including “Sony World Photography Awards“ (United Kingdom), “Travel Photographer of the Year” (United Kingdom, “International Photo Awards” (USA), "Terry O'Neill Awards” (United Kingdom), “ND Awards” - Neutral Density Photography (United Kingdom), “Trierenberg” (Austria), “Urban Photographer of the Year” (United Kingdom), “Oasis” (Italy), “MIFA” (Russia) and others more.

The passion for new and continuous travel experiences led him to a constant search for different destinations and fascinating adventures; adventures experienced visiting dozens of countries around the world.

His works have been showcased in several international exhibitions in the USA, China, United Kingdom, South Corea, Poland, Italy and Hungary and featured in some of the most important media including National Geographic Magazine, The Guardian, Street Photography, Focus Wild, EOS Magazine, Apogee, Tutto Digitale and Foto Cult.

He also had the privilege of having a solo exhibition in Dubai (United Arab Emirates) at the prestigious Xposure festival in February 2021.

He has been appointed as a member of the Xposure Photography Awards – Sharjah, United Arab Emirates (2020), the Jury for the Minimalism Photography Awards - Berlin, Germany (2020), VOHH Foto Fest - Chittagong, Bangladesh (2019) and the Indian Photography Festival - Hyderabad, India (2018).

He is the Founder and Art Director of the Siena International Photo Awards, the Drone Photo Awards and the Siena Awards Festival.


2021:         Rotarian International Photo Contest - 2nd Prize
2020:         Monochrome Awards - Honoree, Street
2020:         International Photo Contest (IPA) - Honoree, Book Documentary
2018:         ND Awards - 3rd Place, Editorial
2018:         Travel Photographer of The Year - Honoree, Culture Story
2018:         International Photo Contest (IPA) - Honoree, Culture Story
2017:         OASIS Photo Contest - Honoree, Nature
2016:         Sony World Photography Awards (SWA) - Shortlisted, Wildlife
2015:         Travel Photographer of The Year - Finalist, Nature
2015:         ND Awards - Honoree, Wildlife
2015:         Italy Is On The road - 2nd Prize
2015:         Urban Photographer of The Year - Honoree
2015:         Trieremberg - 1st Prize, Music & Dance
2015:         Trieremberg - 1st Prize, Travel
2014:         Monochrome Awards - Honoree
2014:         Terry O’ Neil - Honoree, Nature
2014:         Travel Photographer of The Year - Finalist, Hearth, Air, Fire, Water
2014:         ND Awards - Honoree, Street Portfolio
2014:         ND Awards - Honoree, Landscape Portfolio
2014:         Nature’s Best - Finalist
2014:         MNE International Photo Contest - Honoree, Music & Dance
2014:         Picture Moscow International Photo Contest (MIFA) - Honoree, Landscape Portfolio
2014:         Olimpic International Photo Contest - Winner, Travel
2014:         Picture Moscow International Photo Contest (MIFA) - Honoree, Culture
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