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Crossing by Dublin and its cobbled streets

Dublin is well known for its thriving performing art scene. It is a hotbed of art, dance, and dramatic talent. As well as its legions of well-known comedians, thespians, artists, musicians, and stars of stage and screen, Dublin also plays host to some of the best street performers in the country.

In the last few years, street performance has become an increasingly legitimized form of artistic expression thanks to the emergence of some real talent in this creative field. Going hand in hand with this development is the growth of the street art movement. In fact, street art’s reputation as little more than a few scribbles on a wall is long gone. Instead, it has been replaced with something significantly more appealing and mainstream thanks to the ongoing influence of famed artists like Banksy.

Tample Bar

Most visitors to Dublin inevitably find their way to Temple Bar, a compact cluster of crowded cobbled lanes – the most popular area of the city, filled with a wide array of great places to soak up some local atmosphere and culture such as galleries, vintage shops, cafés, cultural institutions, and a high concentration of pubs. Temple Bar is well known for its nightlife. 

Live music of varying genres is performed throughout the week, but the highlight is the Sunday folk sessions, which feature many fine Irish musicians, who play traditional melodies and encourage the audience to participate. It is here that the true charm of the pubs takes off, and you are transported to a world of communal joy and friendship.

The Temple Bar, established in 1840, is the most frequently visited and popular pub in the country where you can find a fine selection of local craft beer and relax in the company of high-quality traditional Irish musicians.

Don't miss it.

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